Hey there!

I’m Tessa: creative, photographer, travel addict, and recovering perfectionist! I may also be an 80 year
old stuck in a 30-something’s body, (or at least that’s what people tease me about when I break out the knitting!). 

As a born and raised Canmore girl, my heart is always in the mountains but often my travel
addiction also means you may find me exploring a beautiful city (New York or San Fran are
two of my faves!) or planning my next adventure.

 Hilarious two-year-olds and sweet couples excited to explore the mountains for the
perfect shot are my absolute favourites!  I'm here to make sure you’re having a fun, stress-free time,
and feeling genuinely relaxed on your wedding day or even as a sleep-deprived new mom with
your beautiful babe at home. 

Since I’m an Instagram junkie, I’d love to see what you’re up to on there.  My Insta-stories are full of coffee dates, travels, stress-free living thoughts, and more.  I'm excited to have you join me in creating something beautiful for you and
those you love! I believe if you are genuinely free to be you, it shows and it's beautiful. Get in touch below and
let's plan something amazing!

- Tessa