Jill & Andrew | Banff Mountain Elopement Photography

Jill & Andrew decided to elope at the edge of Lake Minnewanka before heading to the beach for a big wedding party! With their fur kids at their sides, it was such a sweet moment to witness, starting out on a new journey together.


And seriously the sweetest pups! Adorable. 


It doesn't hurt that I got to shoot at Lake Minnewanka either. Easily one of my top favourite spots in the Banff area for stunning photos and mountain views!


Aren't they just lovely!? Their warmth and care for each other was so evident in every shot.


Lake Minnewanka is known for being a bit windy.....;)


In fact we almost got blown over doing the last few shots! It was worth getting a little wind-blown for beautiful photos though (always is)! And I'll be back here to shoot as often as I can. It's definitely my happy place. Well, one of them!


Thank you both so much for having me there for such a special time  & I wish you a lifetime of adventure and love together! 

Smider Family | Canmore Family Photography

I love this beautiful family. Genuine, funny, and so encouraging - they have been a part of my life for years now, even before any of their sweet boys arrived. We don't always get to visit but that make me all the more excited when we get to do a new set of photos! 

SmiderSNK 1 WEB.jpg

He's not the youngest anymore but I LOVE this shot of him before he lost the title of babe of the family. Such a sweet serious face. 

Smider 002 WEB.jpg

More hugs from Dad. :)

I haven't met the newest little one yet, but I know he'll be just as adorable as these other kiddos!

Smider 105 WEB.jpg

Seriously, I hope I'm half this adorable pregnant! :) 

Family sessions and chasing around kids is always fun (you think I'm kidding about the kids, but no, it's honestly a great time!) and this shot is so perfect.

If you're stressing about getting little ones's to all look at the camera, please don't. There is such beautiful reality of your family to be captured even if they're making faces, being silly or having a fit (like this little beauty was in her session) - it's all worth remembering. Really and truly. 

Sending love to you all - Dan & Nichole, thank you for sharing your sweet family with me! I can't wait till next time! 

And this reminds me to make sure I corral my family more often even as adults for some shots! It's never to late to make memories!!

Much Love,

Erin & Roman | Canmore Wedding Anniversary

There's something about all the white on white in the winter that I just can't get enough of! Green may be the Pantone colour of 2017 (and it will be a fun change!) but I'm still loving my white. And gold. Who would have thought - I HATED gold anything in high school and after, but then again maybe most of my style choices might have needed a little rethinking then anyway ;)

Either way, this session was just what I love - a great couple in a winter white wonderland. sigh.


When Erin called me about the possibility of doing a session in Canmore for her 10th anniversary with Roman I was thrilled. She was hoping to recreate some of the photos from their elopement by the Engine Bridge and when their original photographer was sadly unavailable (Patti Mac we love you!) we made it happen regardless.

Aren't they the cutest!?!


They also disregarded the crazy -32C temps we've been having here in Alberta, and being brave Canadians made the trek out from Edmonton. Thankfully the weather had a mini reprieve and we got some fantastic shots in only -17 or so - I think they called in favours somewhere! 


Just as beautiful as ten years ago - the lovely winter bride ❤️



Thank you both for your wonderful energy and huge congratulations on your first ten years in love and life. What an awesome thing to be celebrating.

Much Love,




Alex & Eric | Calgary Portrait Photography

Baby time! I'm so thrilled to have snuck in and done this little shoot just in time for their little guy to arrive the next day - definitely the eleventh hour but this way he'll have proof that even though he's the second child, he's loved just as much ;) 


Alex and Eric have been friends of mine since high school & before and I'm so thankful to have such great friends over the years. Also quite glad they never moved too far away so we can actually visit and they let me follow them around with a camera once in a while!



Their little lady also got her turn in front of the camera and we brought her new favourite chair outside for some shots. I had a little blue one just like it when I was little and she's so in love with hers - adorable.


She's also pretty in love with her new little brother :)

(And really how could you not be!?) Plus, he's joining a completely awesome crew.



Thanks for such a fun day with all three (four) of you! I had a blast and can't wait for you to see all your photos & take more with the newest babe in the house too!

Much Love,



I can't even tell you how good it is to have this brand new site up and be getting back to blogging. Blogging has taken a back seat in the last while, but now you'll be hearing from me more often again! Lucky you ;)

So join me in sharing the lives and stories of great, wonderfully magical and beautifully imperfect people. Here's where we'll be, remembering and celebrating ALL the moments; enjoying life for what it is and what it can be! AND you can now get updates through my brand new newsletter if you want to be the first to hear about tips, deals and new projects in the works!

Here's a few snaps of my own "in-process" life to get you inspired to go make a fantastically creative mess out of life, and then maybe be brave enough to let me shoot it ;)


Love ya!



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