Smider Family | Canmore Family Photography

I love this beautiful family. Genuine, funny, and so encouraging - they have been a part of my life for years now, even before any of their sweet boys arrived. We don't always get to visit but that make me all the more excited when we get to do a new set of photos! 

SmiderSNK 1 WEB.jpg

He's not the youngest anymore but I LOVE this shot of him before he lost the title of babe of the family. Such a sweet serious face. 

Smider 002 WEB.jpg

More hugs from Dad. :)

I haven't met the newest little one yet, but I know he'll be just as adorable as these other kiddos!

Smider 105 WEB.jpg

Seriously, I hope I'm half this adorable pregnant! :) 

Family sessions and chasing around kids is always fun (you think I'm kidding about the kids, but no, it's honestly a great time!) and this shot is so perfect.

If you're stressing about getting little ones's to all look at the camera, please don't. There is such beautiful reality of your family to be captured even if they're making faces, being silly or having a fit (like this little beauty was in her session) - it's all worth remembering. Really and truly. 

Sending love to you all - Dan & Nichole, thank you for sharing your sweet family with me! I can't wait till next time! 

And this reminds me to make sure I corral my family more often even as adults for some shots! It's never to late to make memories!!

Much Love,